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Top 5 Arduino Starter Kits in 2024

  The Top 5 Arduino Starter Kits Wondering what the best Arduino starter kits for 2023 are? Arduinos are at the heart of electronics prototyping, and have taught countless beginners an introductory course to hardware and embedded systems. I use Arduino constantly in my projects, and I thought it would be useful to rank the best starter kits available. I will be ranking them by value and the quality of the supplementary materials, after all, you want a good deal on the kit, and you want to be able to follow the directions keenly to learn. This ranking has a special place in my heart, because I consider an Arduino kit to be the single product that has had the most impact on my life. Personally, my very first kit was #2 on this list, but read on to find why I thought #1 was better. #5: Official Arduino Starter Kit K000007 Value for price: Low Quality and diversity of components: Fair Supplementary & instructional materials: Fair Price: $114.90 (2023)      With a price tag this high,