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  Finally! The ultimate stackable, modular, open-source, customizable, green energy community project for all the VAWT enthusiasts out there! VAWTs are gaining increasing attention for their low profile and sleek appearance. This type specifically is much easier to make than a HAWT, and I think it's a good intro for someone that has never played around with generating their own power before. Even if one chooses not to, though, it still looks great on a balcony.  As I mentioned, the real excitement in Build-a-VAWT comes from the fact that it's modular and uses a standardized mount, so I really hope it takes off and others design fun parts as well. This post will mostly detail the geometries needed to comply with the BAV mounting system. For information on best practices in printing and assembling your own BAV, you can watch my YouTube video below. My BAV shafts have an exterior diameter of 30mm and a variable interior diameter that must be no less than 8mm (the ID of the 608 bea