How to Use Reversing Radar Display 0.36 Connected Digital Tube LED Seven Segments Green/Yellow/Red Three Colors

     I found this Reversing Radar display and bought some to purchase in my shop. I couldn't find almost any documentation for the display or any like it, so I made some documentation of my own. 

This is why they call it a "reversing radar" display, for uses in parking radars and distance sensors.

    It has a total of 29 LED segments on a package with twelve pins. In use, it's similar to a four-digit seven-segment display, with the exception of the decimal point which makes the first digit an eight-segment display. 

Here is a picture showing the usage of the reversing radar display:

Set 1: 
Common Anode (Pin 1)
A: 10 GND
B: 3 GND
C: 4 GND
D: 7 GND
E: 5 GND
F: 6 GND
G: 8 GND

Set 2: 
Common Anode (Pin 12)
N: 10 GND
M: 3 GND
L: 4 GND
K: 7 GND
J: 5 GND
I: 6 GND
H: 8 GND

Set 3: 
Common Anode (Pin 2)
S1.A: 10 GND
S1.A: 3 GND
S1.A: 4 GND
S1.A: 7 GND
S1.A: 5 GND
S1.A: 6 GND
S1.A: 8 GND
DP = 9 GND

Set 4: 
Common Anode (Pin 11)
S2.A: 10 GND
S2.B: 3 GND
S2.C: 4 GND
S2.D: 7 GND
S2.E: 5 GND
S2.F: 6 GND
S2.G: 8 GND

As I mentioned, each set has its own common anode for that set, but the position in the set is shared between all of the segments. 

You'll notice that each set repeats the same pins in the same order. 10 GND, for example, is the first segment for all the sets. This means that if you raise all common anodes (pins 1, 2, 11, and 12) and lower 10 GND, you will light the first segment for all four packages, namely the leftmost green, the rightmost green, and the top segments of both digits.

You use the anodes to activate a 7-segment set, and ground the segments you want lit on those sets. You will notice this does not allow you to light different combinations of segments on different sets at the same time. To do this, you will have to use what's called persistence of vision. 

Here's a YouTube short I have about this. The concept is the same between this display and the reversing radar display.